Quantiloop supports all MIDI controllers that are compatible with iOS, as long as it can send either CC or Note messages (as of version 1.1).
Note that PC messages are not supported for loop controls as they don’t give an optimal experience. (PC messages may be used for preset changing though).  However most if not all MIDI controls will support either CC or Note messages as well.

To ensure that Quantiloop recognises your controller set your controller to send either CC or Note messages.

In the case of CC messages set the following values inside your controller (or controller software):

Mode: CC
Number: <Any number of your choice>
Down/On Value: 127
Up/Off Value: 0
Operating Mode: Momentary

Note: In most cases the above values are the defaults. Also some controller may not let you configure all of the above settings. In that case the defaults will work.

Note2: Some controllers do only support Latching operation. Those controllers will work with Quantiloop, however hold actions can not be assigned as the controller does not support this in latching mode.

MIDI controllers that are known to work with Quantiloop are:

  • IRIG Blueboard
  • Behringer FCB1010
  • Positive Grid BT-4 (Latching Only!!)
  • Line 6 FBV3
  • Line 6 Helix
  • Softstep
  • and most other controllers.