For optimal experience with Quantiloop, your IRIG Blueboard has to have firmare 1.2 or higher installed. As of firmware 1.2 the Blueboard supports Apple Bluetooth over LE and momentary control change behavior. There is no need for the IRIG BlueBoard software in this case.

  1. First ensure that you are on the right firmware. (Firmware download is available on the IK Multimedia website)
    If the C button lights up when switching on the IRIG blueboard the correct firmware is already installed.
  2. Switch off the Blueboard and then switch it back on while holding the C button. This will select what IKMultimedia calls “MIDI over bluetooth Mode 2”. Which means that the blueboard will send Control Change Messages
  3. In Quantiloop, click on the MIDI in connector, and select the Bluetooth MIDI menu. From there connect your IRIG blueboard. If the blueboard is not showing up, repeat steps 1 and 2. Your firmware may not be up to date.
  4. The default MIDI assignments in Quantiloop are already setup to work with this setup, so if you want to stick with the defaults, your installation is now complete.
  5. If you want to change assignments. Add/Change assignments and learn the MIDI control settings by pressing the appropriate button on the controller for a brief moment after you clicked learn in Quantiloop

NOTE: As of version 1.1 of Quantiloop, Quantiloop also supports MIDI Note Msgs, so you may also use the IRIG blueboard in MIDI over bluetooth Mode 1 (Hold B on startup). Proprietary mode (using the blueboard app) is supported but limits functionality as only latching operation is supported.

NOTE: If for some reason you still want to use proprietary mode make sure that the IRIG blueboard app is configured to send CC instead of PC. Hold actions can not assigned as the controller doesn’t support these in this mode.

NOTE: Some users experience problems upgrading the firmware of the IRIG blueboard. Although this is not our responsible please follow the following tips:

  • Disable any Antivirus program before starting the firmware upgrade
  • Make sure to run the Firmware Updater as Administrator