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The following videos provide an introduction to most of the functionality in Quantiloop. After setting up or MIDI controller we start with recording a single loop. Then we introduce the rhythm. And finally we enter sync modes and multi track looping.

Quantiloop 2 – Serial-Master, FX, Arm Mode
MIDI controller setup
Single Track Looping
Quantization and Rhythm Guide
Multi Track Looping and Sync Modes


Most frequent questions & answers are presented here in the FAQs area.

How setup your AIRTURN MIDI pedal with Quantiloop2019-04-02T05:35:28+00:00

The instructions below apply to the BT200-S series. However simular procedures apply to other AIRTURN MIDI capable pedals. For detailed instructions operating your specific pedal please check your pedal’s manual.
To connect the pedal with Quantiloop:

  • Power on the AIRTURN
  • Be sure that the AIRTURN is in Mode 7 (Hold down the mode button for 7 blinks of the red light)
  • In Quantiloop tap on the MIDI Input connector. Then select Bluetooth MIDI to show all avaiable Bluetooth MIDI devices.
  • Find the AIRTURN in the device list and tap on it.
  • If requested, tap on the Pair button in the dialog box

Assing MIDI control actions in Quantiloop:

  • Open the MIDI control assignments window in Quantiloop by tapping on the MID input connector, followed by tapping MIDI control Assignments.
  • For each switch on your Airturn:
  • Create a new assignment, or open an existing assignment.
  • Tap Learn. Then quickly press and release the desired switch on your AIRTURN.
    Quantiloop will automatically detect the correct MIDI command.
  • Now assign your desired action, hold action and double tap action and press save.

Ensure a minimum amount of latency:

To ensure that all your commands are handles with the least amount of latency set your AIRTURN ’Connection Speed to Fast Response from with the AIRTURN manager App.

Reconfiguring your AIRTURN commands:

For basic operation there is no need to reconfigure the AIRTURN commands. As long as the pedal is set to Mode 7 all factory default actions will work with Quantiloop.

However in some setups you may want to reconfigure the commands sent because they may conflict with other apps in your setup,. Or you may want to use multiple AIRTURNS with Quantiloop.
In this case you may reconfigure the AIRTURN to send different messages then the defaults.

To do so:

  • Open the AIRTURN Manager app on your device and connect it to your AIRTURN
  • Configure each switch to perform a single action. Multiple actions will confuse Quantiloop.
  • Each button should be configure to send either a momentary CC message or Note On/Off message.

More information about Airturn can be found on the AirTurn Bluetooth Pedal Website.

Does Quantiloop work with my AIRTURN pedal2019-02-04T18:44:02+00:00

Quantiloop works perfectly with all newer AIRTURN pedals that support MIDI commands.In fact the AIRTURN BT200-200S series is our recommended wireless pedal for Quantiloop.
For instruction on setting up the AIRTURN pedal please click here

My Blueboard does not connect (or briefly connects and then disconnects)2019-01-22T18:59:05+00:00

This is a know issue that has been reported by many of our users. Note that this is not an issue with Quantiloop but with the Blueboard. This occurs in every other app (like Garageband) as well.

Please contact IKMultimedia for a possible resolution.

However we have found there is a workaround to this issue. To resolve the connection issue (re-)upgrade the Blueboard to the latest firmware (even if it is already on the correct latest firmware). After a successful upgrade the Blueboard should work again.
For details on upgrading the firmware please contact IKMultimedia.

When I clear a loop, I hear the loop playing for a fraction of a second.2017-02-16T20:01:49+00:00

This is by design and unavoidable. To ensure that Quantiloop reacts immediately to start commands, it will start playing as soon as you depress the pedal/button. As soon as the hold triggers the loop will be deleted.

An alternative way to delete a loop however is:

Double Tap and then Hold the Loop Button

This action can even be performed while a loop is playing. As the double tap is very fast no sound should be audible on this action.

Can I use multiple IRIG Blueboards with Quantiloop2017-02-16T20:02:08+00:00

Yes you can. You can use 2 Blueboards at the same time, however to ensure that 1 does not conflict with the other, the first one has to configured for Note Msgs (Hold B), and the second one for CC Msgs (Hold C).

See the FAQ entry How do I setup my iRIG Blueboard with Quantiloop for detailed info on how to setup the IRIG blueboard with Quantiloop

Can you suggest an iOS Rhythm/Drum App for use with Quantiloop2016-10-21T17:27:38+00:00

Quantiloop works with all rhythm apps that can act as an Inter-App Audio client. Please read the specs for the app before buying.
Obviously your style preference will decide on which app to use.

Some examples of Apps that tested well with Quantiloop are:

  • The Lumbeats range of apps (Rock Drum Machine)
  • Funkbox
  • Arturia iSpark

This is absolutely not a definitive list, and we can’t really name a preference.

I don’t have a MIDI controller yet, can you give me some advice2017-02-16T19:54:25+00:00

There are many MIDI controllers on the market and your choice depends on your preference.

MIDI controllers that are known to work with Quantiloop are:

  • IRIG Blueboard
  • Behringer FCB1010
  • Positive Grid BT-4 (Latching Only!!)
  • Line 6 FBV3
  • Line 6 Helix
  • Softstep
  • and most other controllers.

For wireless control the IRIG blueboard is our favourite. The FCB is another favourites as it offers many pedals offering very flexible configuration.

How do I setup a Positive Grid BT-4 for use with Quantiloop2016-10-21T17:14:08+00:00

The Positive Grid BT-4 unfortunately does not support momentary operation at this moments. To setup follow the instructions in:

Is my MIDI controller ‘XYZ’ supported by Quantiloop

The limitation is that hold actions can not be assigned to any of the buttons. This is not a Quantiloop limitation, but requires momentary operation from the controller. As a workaround you could assign a double tap action to the User Button (3) for instance.

Is my MIDI controller ‘XYZ’ supported by Quantiloop2017-02-16T20:04:34+00:00

Quantiloop supports all MIDI controllers that are compatible with iOS, as long as it can send either CC or Note messages (as of version 1.1).
Note that PC messages are not supported for loop controls as they don’t give an optimal experience. (PC messages may be used for preset changing though).  However most if not all MIDI controls will support either CC or Note messages as well.

To ensure that Quantiloop recognises your controller set your controller to send either CC or Note messages.

In the case of CC messages set the following values inside your controller (or controller software):

Mode: CC
Number: <Any number of your choice>
Down/On Value: 127
Up/Off Value: 0
Operating Mode: Momentary

Note: In most cases the above values are the defaults. Also some controller may not let you configure all of the above settings. In that case the defaults will work.

Note2: Some controllers do only support Latching operation. Those controllers will work with Quantiloop, however hold actions can not be assigned as the controller does not support this in latching mode.

MIDI controllers that are known to work with Quantiloop are:

  • IRIG Blueboard
  • Behringer FCB1010
  • Positive Grid BT-4 (Latching Only!!)
  • Line 6 FBV3
  • Line 6 Helix
  • Softstep
  • and most other controllers.
How do I setup my iRIG Blueboard with Quantiloop2016-10-21T17:16:21+00:00

For optimal experience with Quantiloop, your IRIG Blueboard has to have firmare 1.2 or higher installed. As of firmware 1.2 the Blueboard supports Apple Bluetooth over LE and momentary control change behavior. There is no need for the IRIG BlueBoard software in this case.

  1. First ensure that you are on the right firmware. (Firmware download is available on the IK Multimedia website)
    If the C button lights up when switching on the IRIG blueboard the correct firmware is already installed.
  2. Switch off the Blueboard and then switch it back on while holding the C button. This will select what IKMultimedia calls “MIDI over bluetooth Mode 2”. Which means that the blueboard will send Control Change Messages
  3. In Quantiloop, click on the MIDI in connector, and select the Bluetooth MIDI menu. From there connect your IRIG blueboard. If the blueboard is not showing up, repeat steps 1 and 2. Your firmware may not be up to date.
  4. The default MIDI assignments in Quantiloop are already setup to work with this setup, so if you want to stick with the defaults, your installation is now complete.
  5. If you want to change assignments. Add/Change assignments and learn the MIDI control settings by pressing the appropriate button on the controller for a brief moment after you clicked learn in Quantiloop

NOTE: As of version 1.1 of Quantiloop, Quantiloop also supports MIDI Note Msgs, so you may also use the IRIG blueboard in MIDI over bluetooth Mode 1 (Hold B on startup). Proprietary mode (using the blueboard app) is supported but limits functionality as only latching operation is supported.

NOTE: If for some reason you still want to use proprietary mode make sure that the IRIG blueboard app is configured to send CC instead of PC. Hold actions can not assigned as the controller doesn’t support these in this mode.

NOTE: Some users experience problems upgrading the firmware of the IRIG blueboard. Although this is not our responsible please follow the following tips:

  • Disable any Antivirus program before starting the firmware upgrade
  • Make sure to run the Firmware Updater as Administrator
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