MIDI Control

Quantiloop offers extensive support for MIDI control. All major actions, track control, start/stop, rhythm, faders etc, can be fully controlled through MIDI.
If your an instrumentalist you want to keep your hands free and control the looper from a foot pedal, or you may just want to have more tactile feedback and control the volume with physical faders.

Most professional MIDI controllers are supported by Quantiloop. The requirements for your controller are as follows:

  • Changing Presets: PC messages
  • All looper actions: (Rec/Play/Dub, Stop, Toggle Fx etc): CC messages or Note On/Off messages.
    NOTE: Although latching controllers are supported Momentary CC messages are preferred as this will allow the assignment of “hold” actions to a controller, which enhanced the possibilities. Also many latching controllers send messages when you release a switch rather than press the switch. This causes timing issues as messages are not send in time.
  • Volume, Pan, etc: CC messages

NOTE: that controllers that only support PC messages (typically some entry level controllers that are only meant for changing presets) cannot be used to control the looper

Examples of supported controllers are: Line-6 Helix, FCB-1010, SoftStep, AIRTURN MIDI compatible controllers, IRIG Blueboard and many many more.

Note that wireless controllers do introduce additional latency due to the wireless connection. For best performance we recommend to use a wired controller.