The instructions below apply to the BT200-S series. However simular procedures apply to other AIRTURN MIDI capable pedals. For detailed instructions operating your specific pedal please check your pedal’s manual.
To connect the pedal with Quantiloop:

  • Power on the AIRTURN
  • Be sure that the AIRTURN is in Mode 7 (Hold down the mode button for 7 blinks of the red light)
  • In Quantiloop tap on the MIDI Input connector. Then select Bluetooth MIDI to show all avaiable Bluetooth MIDI devices.
  • Find the AIRTURN in the device list and tap on it.
  • If requested, tap on the Pair button in the dialog box

Assing MIDI control actions in Quantiloop:

  • Open the MIDI control assignments window in Quantiloop by tapping on the MID input connector, followed by tapping MIDI control Assignments.
  • For each switch on your Airturn:
  • Create a new assignment, or open an existing assignment.
  • Tap Learn. Then quickly press and release the desired switch on your AIRTURN.
    Quantiloop will automatically detect the correct MIDI command.
  • Now assign your desired action, hold action and double tap action and press save.

Ensure a minimum amount of latency:

To ensure that all your commands are handles with the least amount of latency set your AIRTURN ’Connection Speed to Fast Response from with the AIRTURN manager App.

Reconfiguring your AIRTURN commands:

For basic operation there is no need to reconfigure the AIRTURN commands. As long as the pedal is set to Mode 7 all factory default actions will work with Quantiloop.

However in some setups you may want to reconfigure the commands sent because they may conflict with other apps in your setup,. Or you may want to use multiple AIRTURNS with Quantiloop.
In this case you may reconfigure the AIRTURN to send different messages then the defaults.

To do so:

  • Open the AIRTURN Manager app on your device and connect it to your AIRTURN
  • Configure each switch to perform a single action. Multiple actions will confuse Quantiloop.
  • Each button should be configure to send either a momentary CC message or Note On/Off message.

More information about Airturn can be found on the AirTurn Bluetooth Pedal Website.