Built for Live performance and hands free use, Quantiloop recreates the simplicity of a hardware loop pedal in an iOS app. Attach a MIDI foot controller and control it the way you want. No MIDI controller at hand; just preset your loop length, enable autorecord or a countin and your loops will automatically close, no hands or feet required. Big onscreen controls allow for easy configuration and tactile control by vocalists or beat boxers. Focus on your performance instead of fiddling with dip switches or complex menu’s.


Create up to 4 tracks with endless layers of overdubs to build your performance. Create a 1 bar percussive loop on track one, a 4 bar chord progression on track two and layer a bass line on top in parallel style and play all in perfect synchronisation.
Record a Chorus, Verse and Bridge  in each track using serial style and switch between them seamlessly, or use the mixed-mode to create a percussive master track that play’s in sync with your chorus, verse and bridge.


The builtin rhythm guide provides a rhythmic backing. Use the internal metronome for practice, import drum loops from virtually anywhere or host and control your favourite rhythm apps to enhance your performance.

Ableton Link you lets you even play in time with external apps and devices. Quantisation aligns your actions to the nearest measure or beat so you stay in time, and real-time tempo control sets the pace. Prefer setting your own pace, disable quantisation and Quantiloop will react to your actions with minimum latency to create tight synchronised recordings.


“Totally sick, pro looper and just overall solid product”

“The best iOS looper !”

“Forget ***** and all the others, this is the one !”

“This is like a RC-500 on steroids.”



MIDI clock master lets Quantiloop control your favourite app or hardware device. MIDI slave lets Quantiloop follow the pace of your drum machine. Inter-App Host sync follows the tempo of your DAW. Quantiloop will start and stop together with the host/master. And Ableton link lets you sync wirelessly to other apps. Absolutely no excuse to be out of sync.


Lay down a percussive loop or use the rhythm guide to practice your timing. Record a 12 bar blues progression and practice your soloing skills, or import your favorite backing track from the music library, the cloud or any other app and jam along. You can store your phrases in an empty preset slot so you can pick up where you left off the next day. Quantiloop will be your favorite session partner that never lets you down.


Input FX lets you assign up to 3 simultaneous effects to the input. The processed audio will be recorded into your track(s). Use the transpose effect to convert your guitar into a bass or add some compressor to your voice. You can even host your favourite Amp Sim or any other Inter-App audio or AUv3 effect.
Output FX lets you assign up to 3 simultaneous effects to the output. FX can be applied to a single track, all tracks or the combined output. FX included are tape-stop, fade, reverse, transpose and more. Use the tape-stop to add some drama or introduce a key-change with output transpose. And of course you can host your favourite Inter-App audio effect or AUv3 as a track effect as well.
Each effect can be triggered by MIDI so your hands are left free.


Quantiloop is the only looper that has full support for the Singular Sound BeatBuddy. You may control all of the Beatbuddy’s functionality from within Quantiloop. Tracks are cue’d until the Beatbuddy finishes it’s Intro, and Transitions are automatically triggered when switching tracks. Tempo and Time Signature are automatically in sync. Fills can be triggered on looper start/stop. Quantiloop even lets you select the Beatbuddy’s Song and Drumset as well as store it in your preset.


Humbly inspired by Ed Sheeran‘s custom Chewie Monsta loop pedal, Dub Mode reduces the need for tap dancing and accidental overdubs. When disabled  overdubbing is disabled, allowing you to easily start and stop individual tracks without the need for double taps or dedicated stop buttons for each track. As it disables overdubbing it also avoids accidental overdubs, and lets you choose between overdub after record or play after record. With dub mode enabled just press the track button to overdub, or the dub mode button to disable dubbing and start playing.


Quantiloop does support but does not require any external host or Audiobus to connect to your hardware or software instruments. It offers fully integrated support for Multi-Channel Audio Interfaces up to 24Bit/96Khz.

4 Inputs with optional insert effect let you connect to your physical gear, Audiobus, InterApp Audio and AUv3 instruments. Each input has it’s own volume/gain and pan controls and can be routed to any track independently.
8 Individual Outputs (Main, Monitor, Track 1-4, Rhythm, Input Passthrough) can be routed to your Audio Interface, Audiobus or InterApp Audio host. The rhythm/metronome can be excluded from the Main Mix so your audience doesn’t hear your guide.


MIDI controller assignments let you assign taphold and double tap actions to each controller, so you can control the looper the way you want. Assign all actions for a track to one controller or if you prefer a separate controller for stop, undo/redo or clear, split them between multiple controllers. It is all up to you.

Technologies like Audiobus (2 and 3)Inter-App-Audio, AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions and Ableton Link enable you to connect to virtually any app or device. Host Quantiloop in the effects chain of your Amp Sim, connect different fx processing apps to each of the individual Audiobus ports, or route them to your multi track recorder. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Manage your set lists in banks. Create a bank for each setlist. Assign a midi controller to move between presets within a bank (or setlist if you prefer). MIDI Program Changes are supported as well. No hands required when your on stage.


  • Free, Synced, Serial and Serial-Master Playing Styles

  • Multiple Quantise Modes
  • Multiple Stop Modes
  • Unique Arm-Mode lets you decide what plays.

  • Adjustable Fade Out
  • Unlimited Overdubs
  • Overdub Decay
  • Undo / Redo
  • Auto Record
  • High quality stereo audio
  • Clear loop status display
  • Rhythm guide with optional auto-start, auto-stop and count-in
  • Audible and Visual Metronome
  • Send start, stop and host sync to hosted rhythm apps.
  • Sync to host when embedded in an Inter-App-Audio host
  • Real-time Tempo Control
  • Extensive MIDI control
  • Multiple Assignments per MIDI controller (tap, hold, double tap)
  • MIDI Program Change support

  • Input FX: Reverb/Delay, Compressor/Gate, Transpose, Inter-app audio

  • Support for Audiobus 3, Inter-App-Audio and Auv3

  • Individual outputs for each track and rhythm
  • Synchronise to other apps and devices with Ableton Link
  • MIDI clock master

  • MIDI clock slave

  • Cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Audioshare …) import / export
  • AudioCopy/Paste
  • Store Phrase Presets in unlimited banks with 100 presets each

  • Track FX: Fade, Tape-Stop, Reverse, Reverb/Delay, Compressor/Gate, Half/Double Speed, Transpose, Inter-app audio

Compatible with iPad 2, iPad Mini and higher (iPad Retina or higher recommended).
Compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and higher (iPhone 6 or higher recommended).
Requires iOS 9.0 or later.